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El Calpense Newspaper - Gibralter - 1894

A newspaper advertisement placed by D. Chellaram in Gibraltar’s local newspaper, El Capense, dated Tuesday, May 15, 1894, illustrates that the company in just 34 years after being founded established offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai where they exported oriental arts and crafts from India, China and Malta to their overseas branches.


The Global World Of Indian Studies

The Global World of Indian Merchants, Cambridge studies of history and society, by Claude Markovits illustrates the foundation of D. Chellaram in the year 1860 and gives an overview of its activities from 1860 – 1930.

2-Cambridge Studies in History and Socie

The Global World Of Indian Studies

Co Prosperity in Cross-culturalism: Indians in Hong Kong, by Kwok Siu-tong & Kirti Narain mentions the early impact D.Chellaram (H.K) Ltd had on the financial growth of Hong Kong.


South China Morning Post - Oct 2007

An article published in Hong Kong’s prestigious newspaper the South China Morning Post

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